1. Dante

    The composition of precious moments.

    A "People Watching" Thread by Dante, and mercifully proof-read by Auri. I was chatting to Auri about the TV show she ditched me for two and a half hours to watch when she suggested that the fact that she had to ditch me to watch it is perhaps the point. Before you think harshly, it is actually...
  2. Dante

    "The lights went out."

    I have been a little depressed recently (mild clinical depression, unpleasant but mostly manageable) and in the evenings when I run out of distractions, my mind keeps drifting more and more to thoughts of suicide and self harm, they are intrusive thoughts, not something I have any intention of...
  3. Dante

    If you feel you are worthless, then change it.

    When you are depressed you can often feel worthless, you look at your life and the lives of those around you and see that you don't matter, and often when you are depressed you withdraw so completely that you have already taken yourself out of the world so taking that last step and ending it all...