1. Soda-Voxel

    I don’t feel safe being alone anymore.

    I keep imagining, planning, researching horrible things. The urge to hurt myself is too great. When I’m alone in my room I’m thinking of bad things. I can’t imagine what I could do next time I am home alone. I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t trust myself anymore, because of how much I hate...
  2. Scytaic

    I don't know what I do wrong

    My husband has started to have sudden moments of irritability and anger out of nowhere (literally we can be having a nice day/conversation and he'll suddenly turn). When I talk calmly (which I usually do) about it he gets defensive and angry and shouts at me. He acts like I'm crazy for thinking...
  3. Jack D

    I know what I have to do.. but

    I've been talking to some people regarding my issues I'm having. CBT Counsellors, Mentors, and even some random people saying they are there if they need to talk. And in that time, I have realised something. Since my initial problems started when I started severing ties with people, holding the...
  4. MommyOf1

    I have been hiding something from my fiance that I don't know if he should know.

    Hello, Here's a quick run down of how our relationship has progressed; We met on Match and instantly hit it off, he has one son from a previous relationship and I have one daughter from a previous relationship. He is my first real relationship ever. We've been together for two years and we got...
  5. eleanorhikari

    Can't say anything

    I'm living in Japan at the moment. I tried to commit suicide in late February <mod edit> Obviously, I failed. I'm 21 and a student and live alone. But I haven't talked about it to anyone. I told people not to visit me in hospital, or if they did come I told them I was in there for a different...