1. alixer

    YouTube Movie Watch Party

    We should do a YouTube watch party. A website like lets you create a secret virtual room with no need to create account or give identifying information t/hat only people with the link can join, and watch a YouTube movie. There might need to be a poll ahead...
  2. Baldr

    Youtube channel with great videos of interviews with people who have disabilities or mental disorders

    Not quite sure that this is the right place to post this, but I wanted to share the Youtube channel Special Books by Special Kids. It consists of, what seem to me, very respectful and wholesome interviews with people who have disabilities or mental disorders. Here are links to two of my...
  3. Gamer_Girl86

    The Butterfly Effect

    I found this video on youtube when I was checking my weekly updates. It talks about the Butterfly Effect theory and how the tiniest action in life can have a major effect on future events in history or your life as well. The beginning of the video is a run-down of historic events to give you a...