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İs Lİfe Worth To Lİve?

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ı am bored sıck and tıred of everythıng...everythıng ıs so stressful and hard...cannot take ıt anymore!!!.....I have no frıends ı am 18 u know me guys!...ı have shyness..no one can hear me when ı talk..ı just feel very ınsecure....today we had chemıstry lesson ı just talked to someone and then she saıd talk louder ı cant hear u and ı just felt very emotıonal ı went to to bathroom and crıed...ı see everyone ıs together ın class talkıng havıng fun but ı am ın a corner sıttıng....WHY IS THIS?....ıf there wasnt my Mom and dad ı would just commıt suıcıde..But ı dont want them to make them unhappy!!!...pain pain sufferıng....ıs thıs lıfe?.....ı just want to be free not to feel shy have frıends and enjoy my f..ıng self....DO I WANT TOO MUCH?...i thınk that lıfe ıs a place whıch no one should lıve!!everyone ıs unhappy ınsıde tryıng to be happy....Is ıt worth ıt to lıve_what for?......to suffer more....ı dont know ı am mıxed up...I JUST WANT EVERYTHING TO BE OK....I WANT BE HAPPYY.....

no point

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hey life,

i know where you're coming from. i suffer from the same thing but the thing is i don't even care anymore or i try not to care. i'm sorry i can't offer you any advice. you can pm me anytime if you want to talk.
i am in the same boat as u mate, what keeps me from dying is how my mom would hurt is i ever killed myself,for me personally life seams like a great waste of time and energy but i carry one and try as best i can be happy and positive so as not to hurt my mom by dying
try get into team sport such as football or soccer, sports is a great way for shy people to fit in and be part of a group, not much talking in sport is involved, just playing, this helps me sometimes
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Hey life! Do you know why you are so shy? I mean, is it because you feel insecure about yourself, or do you think you're going to be hurt by people emotionally so you hold yourself back? If you can identify why you're shy, it can help you to work on it. Things like this, I think you just need to throw yourself in at the deepend, it's the best way to overcome shyness. It's not easy. Heck no, I know where you're coming from, I'm a really shy person too.

It may help to know that you are not the only shy person. Stating the obvious? Maybe I am but it helps to know you're not the only person in this situation and other people you come into contact with may be shy, too. Try not to feel inferior to anyone else because we are all humans who deserve the right to be respected and you shouldn't hold yourself back.

You sound like a nice person, I'm sure there's people you can get along with and be friends with if you gave them the chance.

You want to be happy and you want to be free - you CAN be free and you can break out of this shyness, I think you may need to have more confidence in yourself.

It may help to talk to someone - can you talk to your mum and dad about it? Or another relative, a teacher? Things will be ok, hang in there. :hug:
I know how you feel...I'm a really shy person too. I used to feel like I was always sitting in a corner by myself while everyone else made friends and enjoyed themselves. I think resistance is right...you just have to jump in. I know it's not easy...it's still not easy for me when I meet a new group of people. Sometimes I find it's easier to approach other people who are quiet and seem like they might also be shy, as they might understand how you're feeling and also be eager to make friends.

You seem like a nice person, so you just have to give yourself a chance. You deserve to be happy just as much as everyone else. Your insecurities are all in your head and you CAN overcome them. Just be confident and give it your best shot. :hug:
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