‘Living In Storms. Contemporary Poetry and the Moods of Manic Depression’

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  2. VERY interesting read... I do hope you don't mind, but it reminded me of something, well, 'positive' I'd written in the past, despite being within the throes of my own depression (again, sorry - don't wanna hijack your thread... and I do actually want to thank you for *triggering* me!)

    Vindico Jugiter*

    Where painters have painted in their lonely garrets,
    and writers have forged by last candle for an age;
    Where grottos and chasms were formed
    in slow erosion by the water drop’s way;
    All are expressions made in solitude, or dark,
    or quietly through time,
    casting, or eliminating shadow and light.
    So while we, in the world,
    may not easily see nor hear;
    all are sacred,
    and all are sublime.
    And so,

    *Vindico: to liberate, deliver / claim, assume, protect.
    Jugiter: continually, perpetually, constantly / instantly

    * * *

    For All Mad Poets

    Is it a wonder poets
    are thought to be mad ~
    Imbued with the sight of things unseen,
    mark the inner trail of where Man has been;
    In the sublime, or everyday
    they find a way
    For poets live in the soul
    Are hapless, holy guides for those
    who peer in mere moments
    with eyes once closed
    through a window of words, at
    what the poet, a lifelong, has seen and heard;
    they’ve lived the ecstasy and agony,
    and magically
    stop the earth from spinning each time
    for the moments it takes
    to breath into writing both joy and pain
    (Yet in this life, there’s a price to pay
    for not letting the world hold its sway)
    And oh, the sacred ground they hold,
    mere mortals not sensing the vertigo;
    For each step that the poet marks
    and refines, is real, a helm;
    Mere mortals but glimpsing
    the light and dark
    of their own Ethereal realm
    Is it a wonder poets
    are thought to be mad,
    possessed of a sight
    most have never had…​
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    Thank you for sharing your poem FoundAndLost1
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    Please feel free to add comments / poems in this thread!
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