“Am I doing this to myself for a reason?”

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  1. minion

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    “Am I doing this to myself for a reason?”

    This is a question I’ve always asked myself for quite some time for the last couple of months. It seems I’m out to make my life miserable one step at a time. I am trying to ruin my friendships with friends…I’m trying to ruin this or that. I just….I never saw it and still don’t see it that way.

    After the last big fight I had with my best friend…it was thrown back in my face, that the reason why no one likes to be my friend is cause of how I am. I just am… I do this to myself. Do what I asked…and they said this. So I’m doing wrong I suppose then just being me.
  2. Anime-Zodiac

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    Why do you think your friend said that no one likes to be your friend is cuz of how you are. Is there anything in particular that comes to mind.
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    Sorry if I understood the thread wrong, I am very tired etc tonight but from what I understand it looks like you probably push people away, making your life miserable etc, perhaps you do so because of your self esteem and your own image of yourself? Do you think negatively about the person you are, like you don't deserve anything 'good' happening to you, and you deserve to be alone? If so you could be pushing people away because of how you see yourself. If you think this could be true I hope one day you will realise you do deserve friends and you don't deserve your life to be miserable, perhaps talking to a friend would help, or post more here if you'd like us to listen. It may help you. Good luck.