“lets go and be serious”?

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    Those that pursue fun

    will never quite apprehend it.

    Fun is always on the horizon

    the closer you seem to get

    the more frustrating the pursuit.

    Those that believe the lie

    “as long as you’re enjoying

    yourself that’s all that matters”

    will at some point find themselves

    crestfallen, confused and bitter.

    The pursuit of fun

    will become your master

    an infamous task master

    stealing your time and your money

    instilling a fear that you’ll miss something.

    Fun seems to fulfil

    but it leaves us wanting more

    The man said, “the eyes

    are not satisfied with seeing

    nor the ears with hearing”.

    I’m sick and tired

    of so called fun and the social

    pretence of enjoyment

    why don’t i get an

    invite to be serious?

    Has anyone ever said,

    “lets go and be serious”?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.