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  1. Hangman

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    I awoke by a sharp, stabbing pain
    It felt like someone had grabbed, and squeezed my brain
    I couldn't find the source of the tension
    At least nowhere to mention

    I felt drowsy and really tired
    Well, it makes sense when this sleep that I really required
    Slipped away again, and just retired

    I opened my eyes and looked up into the ceiling
    Right around then I got the same old feeling
    I knew that I'd once more lay awake all night
    Facing all the demons, begging me to come out and fight

    I fight against the squeezing walls
    Fear the things that along it crawls
    Screaming as I alone fall

    All night long we play
    This game with all his rules I must obey
    Making me tare my hair out and scream
    Hoping it's all but a dream

    He is trying to kill me, slowly and steady
    But he sees that I'm not yet ready

    There is still some fun to be had with this sorry motherfucker

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    :hug: !!
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