0So this is all my freakin fault (not.

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    So my mom gets home from work and I tell her I need to go make up my time for clinicals for Certified Nurses Aide training. The problem is my babbysitter isn't home. Naturally I fall to pieces and start crying. Mom gets on to me for not calling a taxi, buying my laptop a month before this happened, and not having enough money. Thanks mom that helps me a lot. I'm already upset enough that I'm going to fail and that all my hard work is now officially down the toilet. Yes I know I need to call people to see about extensions and what not. But don't berate me for other things when I'm already upset. It just makes me more upset.
  2. Brynden

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    Talked with the office manager at the school. She is going to talk to the owner and see if I can make up my missed days on the next round of clinicals. That makes me feel a bit better. She heard how upset I was over this.

    Update: I can make up my two days next month during that round of clinicals. That's a huge weight off my shoulders. Granted it puts my certification off. But there is still hope after all.
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    I'm glad that everything worked out in the end. I try to remind myself that there's always hope - and even if things don't work out the first time, it's never too late to try again.
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    Oh joy. My ride "forgot" to give me her new phone number and cut off the one number I have for her. Yay for back up plans.