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has anyone ever called a hotline?
i just tried.. but i don't know what to say
do they really help?... the lady seemed nice
but i just couldn't speak :[


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ive never called a hotline but i have emailed the Samaritains, it can take up to a day to get a responce but i found it really helpful, i find it hard to talk on the phone too, esspecially about being suicidal, but writing how i felt was much easier and all i had to do then was hit send

maybe you could consider doing that if you cant make the call? of course you are welcome to ask for help here, we do our best to support everyone, just tell us whats up :smile:

take care :hug:
i have called crisis lines and have had mixed experiences but i also find it hard to say what i mean during them. in august i had begun to write to the samaritans and they were pretty helpful, and i wrote back and forth with them for month. then i found sf, and i feel this is a good place to express as well.

i like bunny would like to encourage u to share here if u would like. we are willing to listen
I have called hotlines before... but it was only after I'd written to the person a few times... otherwise I dont like talking on the phone about stuff like being suicidal too. Other things I'm mostly ok with though.

Like Bunny and Rhino have said though, if you want to you can still share here too. We'll listen to ya and help as best we can.

random question:

is it a good idea to take a day off of school to recouperate?
i've had a really rough night & i haven't been able to do any of my homework anyways
i feel like i really need it
but i don't know how to tell my mom that i nearly committed suicide
she knows i'm on medication but we never talk about it
it's really hard for me to be comfortable talking about this with people
even my mom & my therapist
I say it's not a bad idea if you do... although you can still function when you're feeling really shitty (I do it all the time) I dont really reccommend it because at some point during the day you usually crash and burn - badly.

If you cant say it straight to your mum... maybe print out this thread and show her maybe? Or write it? I dont know... but I do understand how you feel about it being hard. Take care of yourself :hug:



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if you feel you need a day off it could be good for you, you could always tell your mum you didnt sleep well, you feel un well and dont feel youd be able to take anything in at school

unless you feel you could start to talk to your mum about it, you dont have to tell her you were suicidal but just that you feel really low?
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