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1 day left

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Im 99% sure i only have one day left...u r all wonderful people, far stronger than me, show it to everyone by going on and living happy lives!
Thank you thank you thank you!
Im sorry but if he says no thats it, im gone!
Please dont.
Talk to us about whats going on, we might be able to help you understand the emotions that you are going through or be there to comfort you.
*hugs* we are all here for you
Whatever it is, and i know you hear this most likely ALL the time, but whatever it is, i'm sure you can get through it. You need to take sometime out, just get sometime to know you, and if its anything to do with valentines day then please by all means don't do it on that day, that day is worthless - nothing, not worth your bother.

Once you know you, focus on things you like, try find a hobby you enjoy and maybe you'll meet someone through that hobby and gain some good friends etc. Over time the bad things will seem to fade away. I know i can't just "jump in" and help like this but i still want to try. Just incase any of these things have been helpful. If you want to talk, please PM me, any time. :biggrin:

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Don't do it Shauna... :sad:

Talk to us. There has to be something else you want to do before you go. Someone else you want to see. Something else you want to know.

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