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1 hour to go, THE FINAL CHAPTER

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The final chapter : My final destination

I am an hour away from going to the airport to get on a plane to my final destination where I will end everything

Thank you all ...and I wish you all the best in whatever decisions you make

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its not too late to reconsider dude , go find help or find reasons not to put such an early full stop on your story!

If you still feel the need to make progress towards the end why not make it something slow like taking up smoking which at least gives life a chance to perk up a bit.


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Don't get on the plane Enrique. Stay and try to work through this. You might think you've tried every option, but believe me there's always more and always a way through this.

Don't get on the plane.
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If you're gonna go, it really is your choice. None of us here can physically stop you, although I wish you would find someone to talk to in your life about it. People on the internet can only offer words of sympathy, wheras people in real life can actually help you.

Get help, now. If not for yourself then at least for the people who would be affected by your death.

Get help, please.
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Where are you going that you feel ok to die at? The decision is yours, be sure in your heart it is what you want. If there is reasonable doubt, then stop.


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I would hope that you reconsider you're actions. Where there is life there is hope of a better tomorrow.
But, ultimately, it is your decision and I wish you smooth sailings in whatever you choose to do my friend.
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