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1 Meal A Day

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Know One, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Know One

    Know One Member

    I eat only one meal a day (normally a few bites out of a sandwich or maybe like a few noodles). I do not sleep either. I haven't really closed my eyes in a week or two. I'm not afraid of becoming fat at all. I just have no compulsion to eat a lot, and I become full fairly easily and/or sick of the same flavor in my mouth while eating a meal and not wanting to finish it. I do not throw up after eating either. It's strange. I'm 5'9" and probably around 100 lbs. My family is all skinny people, but I'm a new low.
  2. iracund

    iracund Antiquities Friend

    are you taking new medications that could affect your appetite? are you more depressed than you've ever been? are you off the wall manic? do you just not care about anything at all? there could be a lot of reasons that your appetite and desire for food has changed ... all best discussed with a professional. as for myself, i tend to not eat when i am so depressed i wouldn't roll out of the way of charging elephant if you begged me to. but then again ... that's just me. maybe you should discuss this sudden disinterest in food and sleep with your doc?

    good luck know one. :hug:
  3. I am 5 ft 5 in and I weigh 110 pounds. Sometimes, I don't even eat once in a day. Or I try to at least eat chocolate cake and I drink alot of orange juice. I suggest that at least you drink orange juice mixed with protein powder in it, if you don't eat.
  4. SoHappyItHurts

    SoHappyItHurts Well-Known Member

    You need to see a general/family physician to rule out any medical factors that may be contributing to being underweight. For example, my guess is that you may need a blood test that includes a thyroid function test. (A lot of doctors will order a thyroid function blood test for anyone presenting with symptoms of depression or chronic anxiety.)
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  5. ShalenaM

    ShalenaM Well-Known Member

    I did the same thing..I was also bulimic..but not because I was fat..I did it cuz I wanted to hurt my self in some way, and got tired of cutting..!:)
  6. numbtomyself

    numbtomyself Member

    in a twisted way its comforting to know that i am not the only one who allows themself 1 meal a day (if that). i feel guilty if i eat more than that... i hate myself so much, i want to punish myself. i hate that i am a fat useless pig.
  7. faceshed

    faceshed Active Member

    Sounds like me know one.
    Something about it, it's just hard for me to see a point in feeding myself sometimes.
    I woke up hungry but only for about 2 minutes I can't remember if I ate yesterday at all or not I just remember putting it off 2 or 3 times.
    I'm eat my first meal now and it's the end of the day.
    I use to love my moms cooking but this is disgusting :X
    I remember talking to a friend of a friend one time and she said she gets headaches if she eats less then one time a day and she just recently figured out thats why and I remember saying something like "well yeah not eating tends to cause problems" and now here I am doing the same thing..... life is hilarious.

    If you want to get your apatite up thinking about food should help, I like to read about what foods contain vitamin b6 and the ones that help your body absorb it because b6 makes dreams more vivid.
    you might also try watching ads for foods, as sick as McDonalds food makes me they spend ton to find out things like the colors red orange and yellow make people hungry and that a bigger food container tends to make people eat more of there food.
    one other tip I got is eating with other people, humans are social eaters, dunno why but I saw a thing about thanksgiving on t.v. and they tested how much people eat with other people around.

    Good luck & hope it helps.
  8. Sounds very familiar to me. I am the same way, only allowing myself one meal a day (if that). I am hardly ever hungry and if I am, I don't want to eat, because I feel that I could lose weight. I'm sorry that you are struggling with this and I don't really have an sane advice on this issue. I hope that things get better for you though and I'm here to talk any time you feel the need. :hug:
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