"1 year of therapy in 2 hours"

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    I have posted this before but it was taken down. This is all my opinion and I am not encouraing people to do as I did this is purely for informational purposes. I quit my job one day because I figured well fuck if i'm committing suicide next weekend why the hell am I working? so I walked out of that shit factory job half way through the shift. spent the next week and a half pretending the I was going to work (I live with my rents still) but instead sitting in my vehicle all fucking day man that sucked. To tell you how serious I was about doing this I went to wal-mart to buy supplies to do the deed but layaway wasn't accepting only giving out so I had to wait till i had more money to buy the shit. On my days off i went to home hardware and walmart to scout out where the supplies were so I could buy them quickly. I wasn't even shaky I didn't give a fuck. all i'm trying to say is that I was ready to dish off. so two nights before I was going to rent a hotel room and do my shit i figured fuck it i'm going to do some MDMA (pure ecstasy) so I could feel good and not have a boring night like the so many boring nights and days I had. I will tell you now if it was not for taking that MDMA I would not be here right now. It changed my view of the world and I had so much love I could barely stand it. I knew i had to tell my parents and deal with it. As i'm sure none of you actually research drugs well I have and the history behind MDMA is that it was used to treat WW2 veterans with PTSD and other horrible problems that they could never get over until they took MDMA Also therapists or whoever prescribes drugs used this drug to treat so many people with depression and so many other problems it became popular for therapists in the 70's i believe (the site says the history better). It was a miracle drug that is safe. In fact so safe that one person on the UK drug advisory board said that it was waaay safer then alcohol, tobacco, and riding horses(more people die a year from riding horses, and i'm sure more people die from coconuts falling on there head NOT KIDDING) so in it's pure form it's safe but do to prohibiton it is hard to find good shit sometimes unless you have the right connections. Then more members of the board resigned because they were like WTF mate, we did the bloody research and your telling us we are lying? Bullocks we quit! (hehehe) Here is a website with the truth about MDMA if you wish to gain knowledge.http://www.mdma.net/
    the ++++ experience it talks about on the website about 1/5th of the way down I had achieved it that night. To explain to you how amazing it is understand this. That when people do a merkaba meditation and are immersed in pure unconditional love for all life everywhere they can create so much energy output that the air force can recieve it on there radar. and they say that it's a natural phenomenom of the new consciousness unfolding on the earth. what they say is that when people are in this state of unconditional love they have the energy output of a 15,000 person city so there has been many people reporting about opening up there merkaba fields and having black helicopters above them in no time. Well my friends I was sitting in my car at my peak experiencing the most divine experience of my life and a remote controlled black helicopter came up to the front of my wind shield to check me out. I was a little stunned and totally regret not jumping out to try and grab it. anyway i just want to let you know about the true power of MDMA and it's potential to help humanity evolve
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    I like your enthusiasm. That's about as much as I can say on the subject.
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    well yes i totally agree it should be a prescription drug available to people every 3 months and yes it is safe .and descibed as a theraputic drug .. but just addictive ..it is a shame that the governments are not working on making it a prescription drug again ..