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10 days

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Its only 10 days till valentines day, the day that decides my future. it sounds really stupid and over dramatic, but thats how i feel. If my boy doesnt take me bac then i cant go on, there is no point, without him there is no me. everyone says i shouldnt live my life for someone else, but i dont want to live it for me if hes not by my side. i love him, i need him, hes the only one that can turn my nightmare into a dream! im so scared that hes never going to b mine again :sad:
Thanx abacus :)
I have a pretty good idea what hes going to say, but maybe once he sees how much stronger im getting and how much effort ive put into things we might change his mind, i guess i can only hope! its all thats keeping me going at the moment....:sad: im so scared!
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