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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Aerial, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Aerial

    Aerial Well-Known Member

    List 10 of your happiest moments. They can be from anytime, as a child, 2-4 years ago, whenever. If you wish, list why they were happy moments and if you can create them again.

    My happy moments

    1 = 22nd birthday. My friend, someone who I've been guiltily avoiding lately, surprised me by organizing everything. My family knew about and it definitely took me by surprise. She knows I'm a big fan of anything involving the Joker. The colors and decorations were drawn around this theme. There was even a special purple, orange, blue and green cake with black accents.

    2 = Getting my license at 17. I was a year late, but I finally like an adult. I celebrated by taking myself out to a movie and dinner and getting ice cream later. It was time well spent alone.

    3 = When an ex-boyfriend took me to Disney World. I'd never been. He purchased tickets and a weekend trip for Valentine's Day, the only V-day I ever celebrated with someone. The relationship didn't end in a good way but that was a nice memory out of it.

    4 = Buying my first car several years ago. 1997 Toyota Camry. Not the fanciest car, but I was proud to finally be able to afford my own transportation after not having it for many years and relying on buses. It's still in good shape for an old car.

    5 = Traveling to Toronto to attend TCAF. Bittersweet experience. That's where I met someone I became heartsick over but I enjoyed the experience of going. I had a good time and got to meet a lot of people I respect in the industry. Lots of killer artwork and graphic novels to browse. I was like a kid in a candy store.

    6 = Writing my first novel manuscript. I'm still looking for publishers but I was thrilled to finally get it done.

    7 = Recently feeling like I could walk away from a bad trigger situation and keep my promise to myself. I guess that means I'm a little stronger than I usually give myself credit for.

    8 = First kiss at 18. I know, I was a late bloomer, but I was ecstatic about it and I remember every little detail. The connection didn't last long, but it didn't necessarily end on a bad note. We just lost contact. It wasn't a serious relationship. We were more like friends.

    9 = Going to visit family in Monterey. It's a beautiful place. I stayed for like a week and got to visit the aquarium there. I felt at peace there. It's one of several places I wish I could live...

    10 = Having a Japanese exchange student Yuki stay at my parent's house when I was a teen. She stayed over the summer. It was sad to see her go because the whole experience was exciting to meet someone from another country and to learn about their culture. She tried to teach me Japanese, but all I can remember is counting from 1-10. Since then I've always wanted to go to Japan. It's one of the reasons I've wanted to go for the longest.
  2. Xenos

    Xenos Well-Known Member

    1. Watching my 5k time get better every time I go to a meet. The final meet, I managed to shave off over 4 minutes... whoo~!

    2. The day I could see muscle lines on my arms lol

    3. Seeing my dad believing that I can drive on my own, and trusting me not to crash. ('bout time!)

    4. Being able to talk to one of my close friends that I never see on a regular basis that one day...

    5. Passing a college quiz with a 100% two times. That's never happened to me before... when I tried taking the class 2 times.

    6. Surviving my very first swim meet. Man that was scary.

    7. Going on a date as well as prom that year :D

    8. The fact when I look back, I chose not to commit suicide when it had its chance.

    9. Having a blast at dances I went to

    10. Going out of the country to visit my parents' hometown.. wow.
  3. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    1.) When I proposed for the first time. The engagement originally dissolved (badly), but I'll never forget that feeling of complete and utter contentment and excitement.

    2.) When I came home from Iraq.

    3.) When I got a letter in the mail specifying that I had won a writing contest and that I would get to be flown to Washington, DC.

    4.) When I visited outside the US for the first time.

    5.) When I found my uncle's name on the Korean War Memorial in Seoul and sent a photo of it to his sister in Georgia.

    6.) When I bought my grandmother a piece of jewlery that she adores--she sent me a thank-you letter saying that it was "the most beutiful piece of jewelry she'd ever gotten." Mom says that she refuses to take that darned necklace off. :) I'm just glad that I managed to make somebody that happy.

    7.) When I graduated college and my grandfather, a career military man and a Vietnam vet, cried.

    8.) Being told "I love you" and realizing that they meant it.

    9.) Being asked to be a guest speaker at a high school history class.

    10.) And this is one that always gets me--when you come home after a long time away, and you hear the family dog barking--and then you yell, "hey boy, it's me!" and the barking turns into excited yipping. Gets me every. Single. time. :blue::laugh:
  4. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    God this made me so depressed. Cause I didn't have any. :(
  5. Aerial

    Aerial Well-Known Member

    There's got to see some good moments, even if they aren't the happiest. Try to recount moments that gave you hope or felt good for the moment at least. Maybe that'll help.
  6. bubblin girl

    bubblin girl Well-Known Member

    i have one thing only which when i first so my crush & when smiled but all gone cos this is love from one side....SO, I have absolotly nothing..i just wanna cry:sad:
  7. wastedmylife

    wastedmylife Well-Known Member

    none either , I suppose I can list dumb things like a sports team winning a big game but nothing real I would have had tons of great moments but sadly things didnt happen how I wanted them to
  8. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    The day my son was born
    the day my daughter was born
  9. depleted_soul

    depleted_soul Well-Known Member

    I don't have any :(
  10. evilperson

    evilperson Well-Known Member

    I will try:unsure::mellow:.


    1). Ffs flashbacks again. Bad flashbacks. Let's try again:

    1) When my son was born. That's a good one! Okay......gonna keep working on more.....Keep trying.....

    2) When I found out I was pregnant - that was another AWESOME moment! To know that you have a life in you - that is the most awesome feeling!

    3) Lying on a bench in a park that doesn't exist anymore outside a major shopping centre. The weekend. All is calm. The winter is warmish and the sky is oh so blue. I feel the warmth of his body as I lie down and rest my head in his lap. He was my rock........Too bad he turned out to be an abusive pig. Oh, look, I want to kill myself again. How did my thoughts suddenly swing to taht again?

    4)Fleeting memories of childhood. Something warm, sunny, homely. Being loved and accepted. Ah yes, I remember one. I was walking along the pier (how old was I? four? five? three?) and I had chestnuts in my hand. And my mum, or dad, said, if you throw them into those holes (there were holes in the pier) another chestnut tree will grow. And I believed them, and I always willed the chestnuts to grow. I had so much hope for those chestnuts! The same amount of hope and will my son has when he throws seeds onto the ground and think all of them will grow up to be trees:tongue:!

    5)Ah.....again....flashbacks.....God is this curable? JUST FUCKIN STOP. NOW. I'm trying to find happy memories. Scanning my brain atm for some......Okay, let's try 5 again:

    5)Ah I remember! When my son and I got the emergency flat! That was awesome! He was seven months old then and I shut the door to the flat and there was intercom, nobody could get in and get me, I shut the door, I had the KEY. I was so safe that night I couldn't even cry. The sun was setting and all I had was a suitcase of clothes and some baby food. It didn't matter enough. We were safe at last. I thought everything was going to be okay now.

    6)Sitting on the plane at 10 finally going back to visit my family after 4 years of being away from them

    7) Sitting on the plane one and a half months ago and knowing I had JUST left the country without being stopped, I had just escaped omg omg omg omg and I was finally going to see my family again!

    8) The Hagia Sophia. That is GRAND. That place is just the most awesome place ever, there is just something about it.

    9) Waking up in Istanbul and knowing how lucky I am to travel to this place and discover it.

    10) Every single time I walk into my son's school, I am reminded of early childhood and what a bright place that was. I want to be a little girl again and I want somebody to stop the impending darkness, save that little girl.

    And so it begins. The nightmares again........
  11. Aerial

    Aerial Well-Known Member

    That's terrific you got to see that! I've always wanted to. I love historical architecture and museums.
  12. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    I'm basically in the same boat with you Linds :hug: I might have a couple but definetely not 10. That I can recall anyways. Maybe I forgot some? :dunno:
  13. Thinice

    Thinice Well-Known Member

    1. When I first got with my [Now ex] girlfriend in front of the fireworks.

    2. When my band played a gig for my friends birthday party and as soon as I got out of the car, everyone ran up to me and hugged me.

    3. That time she told me I meant a lot to her.

    4. When me and my friends were high and we didn't talk for an hour but we didn't need to. We had this weird silent connection.

    That's all I got.
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