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10 Tips to overcome Sadness, Despair and Depression

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Live_life, Jun 27, 2015.

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  1. Live_life

    Live_life Member

    Hi all,

    Just to make you aware the following article was initially written for Muslims but also applies to those who believe in a God or creator or that there is something supernatural about this Universe. Even if you don't believe then it is worth a read:

    10 Ways To Overcome Sadness, Despair and Depression

    1. Live for each new day:

    Know that whatever you have gone through in your past is gone and will never come back: So everyday is a new and fresh day. Yesterday is a distance memory and today is what matters. Therefore live for today and live for each new and fresh day and do not think about yesterday as it is gone and do not think too much about tomorrow for it may never come. Live for the now and take each day as it comes. We can learn from the past and we can consider the future but nothing matters more than the present moment!

    2. Each second that goes by we will never get back again:

    Know that each second we have is a true blessing and every second that ticks by can never be regained again. How many rich people would pay millions for a few more days of life?

    So why should we waste our precious time being sad when our sadness will not change anything and will not benefit us in anyway but that which will benefit us in this world and the next is our good deeds.

    So Think to yourself: "Why am i wasting my precious seconds being down when i will NEVER get back these seconds again. So there is NO time to for me to be down for my time is so little and it may end at any second"!

    3. Know that our life is pre-destined:

    Whatever will happen will happen so there is no point being down when our sadness will not affect the outcome of our destiny.

    So think to yourself: "Why am i wasting this precious time being upset when everything is pre-destined so whatever will happen will happen so there is NO point me being down about it".

    4. Think of your death:

    The thought of death may seem grim for many. But death awakens one to reality. The reality is that we may die at any second. Therefore we must make the best we can of each second that we have.

    Each second that goes by is closer to our death. So why should we be sad when we know our purpose in this life and so we should do EVERYTHING to fulfil that purpose and that means not wasting a single second on that which will not benefit us in this life or the next.

    Therefore there is NO point being sad and when we are sad then we should remind ourselves of death and that we will end up in the grave with nothing but our deeds so we should do everything to please Allah and prepare for our deaths for sadness will just waste our time and hold us back from fulfilling the very purpose of our life and making the best of the short life that we have.

    5. Think of the hereafter:

    The Hereafter may seem far away to many of us. But the reality is that death can overcomes at any moment. At that point we will no longer exist on Earth and will be transferred into the Hereafter. This is every creation in the universe and be ready to face Allah with your deeds. This will encourage you to get up and snap out of your sadness and realise that you have to prepare for that day when you will face Allah just you and your deeds! So what point is there being sad? Will it help us when we face Allah on the day of judgement? NO but doing good deeds will!

    6. Look at those who have less than you:

    When you are sad then just look at those who have less than you. Look at what you have been given in comparison to them. You have food on a plate 3 times a day whereas they struggle to get a crumb of flour.

    You drink out of purified tap water when they drink from dirty contaminated water full of disease. Others do not even have a drop to drink for several days.

    You have shelter and heated homes whereas they live in a tent and refuge camp. They have nothing to keep them sheltered whereas you have four walls with a roof.

    You have wealth that you can buy all the luxuries in the world whereas they can only dream of what you have.

    So look at those with less and those who have nothing. Then know how lucky you are so should you really be sad? Instead thank Allah and spend in his path that he may give you more in this world and the hereafter.

    7. Appreciate that you have been given Imaan (faith)out of so many:

    You could have been born in any era and in any faith or religion. You could have been of those who were misguided. You could have been of those who were not favoured by Allah but you have been given the most special gift of ALL Imaan!

    Therefore appreciate it and thank Allah for it night and day. Why would you be sad when you have been favoured out of countless others?

    8. Make Dua to Allah:

    Whenever you are down then make Dua to Allah. Turn to him in the latter part of the night when he will attend to you quicker. Turn to him when others are deep in their sleep. Turn to him in humility, meekness and humbleness. Turn to him knowing that he is listening. Turn to him knowing he is the closest to you. Turn to him knowing he cares and he truly loves you.

    Cry to him and beg of him to forgive you. Ask of him to fulfil your needs but at the same time trust in him that he will do what is best for you. If he wants you to be patient then be patient for you will get SO MUCH BETTER IN RETURN!

    Turn to him knowing he WILL answer your prayer, if not now, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow then in the hereafter and that is when we will be rewarded most for our Dua's and we would wish that NO Dua was accepted so that we received EVERY reward for our Dua in the hereafter.

    9. Make pleasing Allah the source of your pleasure in this life:

    If we make pleasing Allah the source of our pleasure in this life then HOW can we ever be sad? When we live each day to have a highflying career we will never be fully satisfied no matter where our career is because we always want to have a better career.

    When we live for money then we will never be satisfied because we always want more and will always try new ventures and ways in order to get more and more.

    When we live for other people then they will always let us down in one way or another.

    But if we live to please Allah and do good deeds that will make us feel closer to him then what better pleasure is there in life.

    So when you are feeling sad then think: "Let me get up and do good in order to please Allah for that is my source of true happiness in this life"

    So make EVERYDAY a day when you will want to please Allah more than yesterday. When you are sad then turn to Allah and make him the source of your true happiness. Make the pleasure of pleasing him the means of you NEVER becoming sad again.

    10. RELY ON ALLAH:

    Most of all rely on Allah. Know that he is there for you and closer to you than your jugular vein. Know that he knows you better than you know yourself. Know that he loves you more than any soul ever could. Know that he is there for you when others aren't. Know that he will never let you down when others will. Know that whatever you go through in life.

    So put your FULL trust, faith and reliance in him and know that is ALWAYS there so trust in him.

    May Allah enable us to do everything to please him and to put our full trust in him. Ameen
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