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10 years gone


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Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day a friend (and forum member) was found unresponsive. Her sister posted here a few days later that there was no hope, and the machines were to be disconnected. I don't think I'm allowed to mention either name, but I just want to recognize a sweet spirit that is still missed.
That's the most important part

Some other things -

She was so devoted to her husband, but lost him in an accident. Which eventually took her, too.

She liked this forum, and asked her sister to let us know,. She did post, and her heartbreak was so palpable, with just a few words.

I know how badly she wanted to not be alive. She found a way in a supervised, psychiatric facility. So I don't think anyone (including me) could have "saved" her life. But I think maybe if she made it to the corner (others did, and I did), she might have found a reason to save her own life. She was broken (me, too) by the loss of her spouse, and didn't see a way to go on, and posted here. She helped me a lot, I'm here partly because of that. I'm glad that I told her that, several times. I do wish that I'd told her more often, and also the ways that she was special and needed. And more messages, everything more

Some time, there was a corner for me, to turn, but she arrived at a doorway and stepped through.


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I'm very sorry for your heartbreaking loss, 1Lefty. It sounds like you made quite an impact on your friend's life. Thank you for sharing her beautiful memory. Glad to hear that this place provided some benefit for her. And that you were in her corner.


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I hope she's at peace now, and with her loved one.

Sorry, for her losing her partner & sunsequently for your loss @1pefty. That's good you got a chance to thank her.
I'm sorry that you lost your friend.
I don't think I'm allowed to mention either name
You might want to post about this in ask the staff. I think they may actually allow it.
I do wish that I'd told her more often, and also the ways that she was special and needed. And more messages, everything more
I think everyone goes through something like that when they lose someone that they love, the process of imagining doing something more for them. I think you probably made your friend's life brighter during the time you knew her, so that's a lot even if you wish you did more.

Hugs 1Lefty


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I am really sorry for your loss @1Lefty

Just want to let you know that I like how you still remember her. Seems you really had an impact on her and she on you.
This gives me hope. The possibility of really touching someones heart even in a virtual room like SF.

Thank you for sharing it.

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