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100 steps backwards...

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:cry: Blah stupid self pitying pity crap, grr venting, sorry. What's the point? Why do i do this, bring it all on myself, stupid, bad person through and through and that isn't changing any time soon. Failure failure failure. Stupid, stupid, need to be punished, really should be. Don't even have anyone to do that anymore, not like I'll find someone now. And I can't do it, I shouldn't but then why not? What's the point? Really?
nothing. nothing "happened". i cant live with me anymore. cant let me live its not fair on anyone. its not. just gonna keep fucking everything up. could have been gone a month ago if i wasnt so stupid fucked that up too. :cry: sorry.


Antiquitie's Friend
You got to give em a bit more to go on than that !!!

Or at least offer me some proof :biggrin:

I'll be officialy an old fart in 12 days, 2 hours and 54 miutes time !

What can be worse than that ?

jane doe

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hey blueberry are you there tell us what´s going on, we want to help you and listen to you, we are her for you, so please try to calm down as blackfire said and tell us...nobody diserves to feel like you do now..
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