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    "I was thinking today, that we’re all going to die one day. And I was thinking of all the things that I take for granted and sometimes I forget how blessed I am. And I just wanted to say that if you’re ever feeling down, You should really take a moment out of your day to think of everything that you cherish. Go squeeze someone you love, put your heart and soul into that hug and don’t let go until you both can’t breathe. Go make a friend with someone completely random, hold the door open for someone and if they don’t even acknowledge you, just smile! Never stop smiling, if you’re ever feeling lost take a chance, if you’ve got nowhere to go a new road will get you there. Dance and sing like no one’s watching, if you like someone, tell them! Laugh at the stupid jokes only you and your best friend find funny, laugh until your stomach hurts, and if you’ve ever been mean to anyone and never got the chance to say sorry, apologise! Life’s too short to waste your time being a jerk and if people are mean to you for no reason, screw them! Be yourself, because nobody else can be you, and if you want to cry, cry. Let it out, expectation is to reel all heart ache, the best thing to do is to stop thinking and to just let things happen and if the world ever makes you feel small, look up at the stars and know that someone somewhere is doing the same thing and just because today may have been a terrible day, doesn’t mean tomorrow won't be the best day of your entire life, you just have to wake up and get there! We learn from experience that we never really learn anything from experience, you never know what’s going to happen! And that’s the thing about life, you just have to breathe in every moment like it’s your last and never look back and never regret and always stay happy."
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    A moment of reflecting on the positive and possible can be a great break in the day . Thanks for the reminder.
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    The Little Things

    The Little Things​

    It is well worth our while to take a few deep breaths here and there and pay more attention to the little things that make life on the Earth plane worth living. Although they are all too easily overlooked, it’s the little things that better than anything else can help us get things back into perspective when our grip on life is in danger of getting out of focus. When that happens, one fine day, as if by magic something draws our attention to them. This is the Universe’s way of creating opportunities for learning to appreciate them all over again.

    The list is endless and to name but a few: a bird in flight; a breath-taking Sunrise or Sunset; the scent of any flower, especially a rose; feeling the warmth and the love of the Sun on our faces and backs, especially in winter; the miracle of the first snowdrops in the depth of winter; the arrival of the first daffodils, the most charming and cheerful messengers of spring of all, each one a golden six-pointed star in its own right that reflects the healing power of the Highest into our world; the discovery of new buds on trees, even before there is any sign of the old leaves dropping off; the first flower opening on a plant we have reared and nurtured from a seed or a cutting; the sounds of nature, like the rustling of leaves, the rushing of water and the lapping of the waves; the tranquillity that comes from watching the sea; a warm soothing cup of tea, lovingly prepared especially for us; a small child putting its hand trustingly into ours; a friendly smile where there wasn’t one before; someone walking again, after a long illness patiently endured.

    Each one of these things is a miracle and a wonder and a joy to behold. They are the true treasures of life that cannot be bought, begged or stolen. They exist every day and in every life. All we need to do is open our eyes and start enjoying them, the way they deserve to be. At first, many of them may seem inconsequential, but only until we slow down and consciously take notice of them. It is then that we realise how good they make us feel and that the little things in life truly are the big ones. Thank you, Great Spirit, for giving them to us.
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