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  1. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    i fucking hate this country. i could just chop my fucking head off
  2. Davekyn

    Davekyn Banned Member

    Not sure it helps, but I hate mine with a passion! I thought I was done with hate, but just as I said it, more welled up within me.
    Planet sure is a mess.

    May I ask what country country you Hate and why?
  3. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    well the country i hate isnt actually mine and i guess im better off not to say which one it is since i would get so much hate lol
    its not even that i really hate it, im just a little fed up with it and miss my home country. im realizing more and more what aspects are better there. and i want to go back but can't. for now.
    now today i found out i have to give up my original drivers license completely (not sure if the lady i talked to just had no clue what shes talking about and everytime i call them someone else tells me something different) to obtain my license here, which would mean i would have to go through the insane process of reobtaining my license once i go back. it took 4 months and almost $3000 (which is normal there) to get my license there and that sadly, was my only accomplishment in life lol yeah...
    now they want me to just throw it away and do it all again. i've just been depressed out of my mind, i havent eaten in two days, i never leave the house, and have a lot of accumulated self hate. and im really paranoid and living here doesnt help that at all.

    thank you for the response davekyn!
  4. Davekyn

    Davekyn Banned Member

    Sounds like one hell of a run around. Also a spiral your in. I have to admit I am as would be the case with many here ... quite unstable myself ... but feel somewhat a little better in this forum thus far with so many others ranting, yelling and screaming about the place ... reminds me I am not the only one who has reach the limit.

    What you say sounds a little like that saying, "you don't know what you have till its gone" ... Is that a little how you feel since making the break ... or leaving shore? No doubt red tape sucks to say the least and when it comes to personal assistance ... well such is rather a thing of the past and more so offered up with a plastic face.

    Forgive me ... as I say ... I am rather unwell ... been online far too long I feel. Been doing the rounds from one forum to another. Just got banned as some spiritual one for disrespect. Must be the animal coming out in me of late.

    Back to you ...

    Are you alone ... do have someone your able to talk too?
    Perhaps family you can call back at home?

    You take care now.
  5. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    yeah, definitely. i wasnt much of a fan of my country until i lived here for a while. been here for a year and a half. i loved it at first but that has subsided. probably has a lot to do with the specific area i just moved to (that i wont be able to leave for a couple years).
    my life has overall improved since i moved, i was absolutely miserable living in back home. but that had a lot to do with my life situation at that time.
    i have my hubby and my father (which is a whole other story). there isnt much awaiting me back home. apart from them i have zero friends or family in either countries.
    me bitching about living here so much has a lot to do with me being generally unhappy with my current situation so i need something to bitch about.