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  1. Syn

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    Two nights ago, I attempted suicide by overdose. I failed and was taken to the hospital. The people I tell (People who I thought were close to me) just shrug, like it doesn't really bother them. Now, I know that nobody in my life cares. Had I died two nights ago, nobody would have even reacted. Maybe an "Oh well" and a shrug, if I was lucky. I wanna do it right this time. If they don't care at all, then maybe they do want to see me gone? Some of them were suggesting other methods to try... Maybe the world is just waiting for me to leave, but it's too polite to mention that I've overstayed my welcome?

    All I ever wanted was to be loved. All I ever did was fight to make myself someone worth caring about, but just like two nights ago; I failed. I thought maybe I could do something big and important with my life and show someone, anyone that I was worth something. I don't even want to be loved anymore, I can't feel through this disconnection, and I can't find a way back. My mind is too broken to cope, heart too shattered to love, and my soul is already waiting for me on the other side.

    There's a thing of <edit mod total eclipse method>. Maybe I can actually do something right for once...
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  2. total eclipse

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    You do not need people like those in your life hun You need people who understand and care like the members on here h un. You keep posting ok you keep reaching out here and you will see people do understand hun and will not judge you here. Please hun know you are special and you do matter hun
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    Hi there!
    I was just like you: I told my friends that I was thinking of suicide and no one even questioned it. I thought that they would do something or at least talk to me about it and it didn't happen. Instead, they left me and I thought exactly like u: thought they wanted me gone. Its still a struggle everyday about suicide, but things do change in life. You never know the people that u are going to meet and how things can change. :) As for people that don't care about u, forget them. Negative influences are never good to have. And, people do care- its just hard to figure out who does. And you do matter!
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