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  1. fvckinginsane

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    ugh so this guy told me he liked me last night and he was always so nice and sweet to me and i spent all day with him today and then in class my skirt came up a bit and he saw my cuts then says to me in such an insensitive way ‘do you slice’ and now he just doesn’t talk to me anymore and it just really hurts you know. I regret cutting myself so much because of all the judgement and it sucks the scars will be there forever. But it hurts even more that no one wants anything to do with me because of it. no one will think i am okay :(
  2. DeadAlive

    DeadAlive Member

    The scars will fade over time. Maybe you can tattoo over them someday. I used to be a cutter too.

    Anyone who gives you lip service and then walks away is no friend of yours. If he really was a friend he would be compassionate and sensitive to you. Your better off without him.

    Don't be so concerned about what people think of you. It is important to not be ashamed and to stand up for yourself. When people ask about my cuts I tell them they are battle scars from the days when I was abused and now I wear them with pride as a survivor.
  3. jms

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    I have to agree with the above-if he cared about you, he would've been less harsh. He's not the type of person you need in your life. I'm assuming you get enough hassle over the self-harm, as most of us do, and having one more person who's negative in that way isn't going to help, no matter how much you like him. I'd suggest finding a partner who's more accepting and understanding rather than someone who is judgemental and insensitive to your struggles. I hope that you don't let his mean words bother you! Take care of yourself. :hug:
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