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Can't put my finger on it

crying all the time

feeling bad

anxiety off the chart thanx to that idiot

anaemia bad for reasons that I am not in control of


so tired of fighting

struggling to get up each day

it's all wrong

Can't put my finger on it


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Oh yeah, and thank you so much for reminding me how much everyone wants me dead

Thanks a fucking bunch to you (not directed at anyone on here)


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Yeah Scum i know this perhaps isnt much use from me but please try and hang in there as best you can ok?i hear you and i know its hard.And you sound about as tired as i feel right now to be honest.But i hope you can get through this and find a way to come out the other side.im sorry it seems like you just have so much to deal with tright now and im not surprised your tired of fighting.Please lean on us and i know you dont know me that well and i dont really know you but if you ever want to talk please feel free to PM me or contact me anytime.2lost4words i cant speak for other people but i certainly dont want to see you dead,or either of you or anyone for that matter and i think that youd probably be surprised how many people in this world may be horrified if they did find out you had died.Please look after yourselves both of you and im here if you need me and hug for you too Joe if wanted!!!Great to see you around hun.Scum i hope things get better for you soon.Please update us if you want to and feel upto it.im sorry your feeling so bad.

Take care


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I'm fine thank you

* * * * *

Need it to stop

The constant bleeding

The excruciating pain

The sleeplessness

Need the doctor

Can't go

How can I go to someone who has made it clear that he wants me dead, as they all do, and ask for help. Not happening.#

Stuck here, like this.

Not getting better, not going away

It's killing me, it's helping me kill myself. I don't even need to try any more because it's already happening.

It never stops


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I know you want me dead

It's happening, don't worry

You all want me dead

I know the truth

I see it in your eyes

I see it in your actions

I know what you think

I read it in your words

You want me dead

So don't ever tell me any different
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