12 Months on - Still in the ame place

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by dagget, Jul 19, 2015.

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  1. dagget

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    Exactly one year ago (19th July 2014) I came so close to succeeding with the first attempt. Not a day goes by without thoughts about it and how it would have saved alot of problems. Now a year on the pressure to do something is still there. Living in a perpetual state of fear/anxiety/depression and other things is getting a bit weary. I have also been diagnosed with dissociative disorder which is interesting but hardly helps the current situation.
  2. Kay24

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    Your here because you don't want to feel like this but the answer lies within you. Think about a time when you were happy to get out of bed and you had good things going, look to that and remember that you don't have to keep living in so much depression and loss of faith in life. In this world it always seems like we take 2 steps forward then 4 steps back. It's always a constant battle to be were you want to be, that is the beauty of life. I know that sometimes you just want to give up but stop taking life for granted, you need to be strong and fight for the things you want. Don't let the negativity run your life, stop settling for this miserable life. You are alive by a miracle and have forgot that you like anyone else has some issues going on. Maybe more than others but the whole point is it's natural to feel like this but you have to decide whether you want to take the lousy way out or fight for what you love and where you want to be. What would make you get up every morning? Really ask your self and realize there is good things out there. Stop blocking yourself from them. I got a calling to post this and I hope it opens your mind to a different idea. I was going through some issues too and went on YouTube and started watching selfactualized.org maybe you could check it out!
    Much love and hope in this stressful time period just know that in life there is a lot of shitty things but if you just find one good thing it can make all the difference. Don't give up

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