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  1. Danygyrl

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    Hi all.

    I am having a really hard time. This only started the past year and a half. I became really depressed and wound up in the hospital for wanting to kill myself. Did an outpatient program. Felt great for a while. still in therapy..but back to really struggling. why?
  2. Petal

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    Hi @Danygyrl and welcome to SF, Sorry to hear you are suffering but you are here with like minded people now who can understand your hurt and pain. Please keep talking to us if it helps, are you on any medications?
  3. Danygyrl

    Danygyrl New Member

    I am. I have tried them all.
  4. Petal

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    And none of they help any bit? do you also suffer from anxiety or anything else? I thought mirtazapine (remeron) was an excellent stand out anti depressant, it work really well for me and others that i know. If your medications are not helping you need to let your doctor know and be as accurate as possible so they can help and maybe recommend a therapy.
  5. Danygyrl

    Danygyrl New Member

    I have anxiety as well. I am on Prozac now. Remeron kept me awake for days. I have opposite reactions to meds. I go back to psych next week.
  6. Petal

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    I'm sorry to hear you suffer with anxiety too, I do as well, there are meds like valium and xanax that can help on an as needed basis. But for long term use I wouldn't recommend(the withdrawal is hell and you become addicted). I think a therapy might be your best bet, are you in therapy as well?
  7. IamTetsuo

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    It could be that you have deep rooted negative beliefs which are causing you to keep making bad choices and keep bad feelings going round. If we find ourselves coming round to the same problem that we thought we had solved then maybe the real causes have not been addressed yet? People say therapy is very good for that or if you can bang your head against the wall for long enough that can eventually bring about insight too :p
  8. SinisterKid

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    Hi Dany and welcome to SF. You seem to have come to what seems to be commonly referred to as the "crash". I had one recently. I shall try to explain.

    You enter therapy, you take your meds and you are getting the help you need. Great, brilliant, fantastic. Your mood/emotion state lifts because of this. Then at some point, the grim realisation that nothing has changed that much hits you and you fall backwards with this shocking new discovery. It happens to a lot of people with mental health problems apparently. You can have many crashes for a whole host of different reasons. The trick you need to learn is, can you find what "triggers" a crash. There is usually a reason for it somewhere. Sometimes, its a slow decline and again, its learning to notice when that decline sets in. The different therapies that are open to some of us, sadly not all, helps us identify some triggers and some of the reasons why we slip into decline.

    Talk this over when you next see your psych and they should be able to advise you of your options.