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god i just fcking wanna cut and end my god dmn life. but im afraid my best friends will come in after i do it. and i dont want to upset them again. GOD DMN I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET RID OF THIS FCKING GOD DMN PAIN. IT HURTS SO FCKING MUCH. and i always have headaches and i hear voices and i see things..... oh ya im going insane. next im going to go to the luny bin god isnt that going to be fun. im going to go beat my fcking door cya laters.

ohhh i dont really expect to see reply's so dont bother replying. nothing helps anymore. maybe ill do other fun dangerous things. somethingssharp sounds fun. well whatever bye takl at you laters.



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I can't say much because I don't really know you. All I can offer is that you say you have friends, people who care about you. That may not seem like much to you, but some people would kill to have that kind of support. Talk to your friends. Maybe they can help?


Silent, i am sorry to hear you're going through a tough moment, feel free to MSN me, i'll always support you :smile:
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