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lets all laugh and smile. the world is so F***ing great. and NO. I don't want to talk about it. And YES. I know that the mods look to see who is writing this. I DON'T CARE. You will say 'why are you writing this then' - well - I guess - I am pissed off, fed up, and feeling bad. I vent. It means nothing. I mean nothing. Why can't the world PISS OFF. I'm treated as worthless most of the time anyway. What else can the world do to me now?
What's happened hun? :hug:

I have no idea who you are, btw ...
yes you do. you usually look at IP address when I have written anon. why not this time? Doesn't matter anyway.

The world is actually a BAD place. It is wicked and evil. I hate it. I hate the people who I work with. I hate the people I live with. Worst of all I hate myself. Not only does my mind fail but also my body. My whole being. I AM POINTLESS.
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