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I have never really been a very happy person, it is not as if my life or upbringing has been totally unbearable, I have, in fact, been very fortunate, and in truth there is no clear reason why I am so miserable.

I feel as if there is no point to my life anymore, I've stopped going to parties or social gatherings, I dislike my supposed 'friends', I sometimes cry for absolutely no reasonm, or at other times I am unable to cry. I often have overwhelming urges to kill myself. Last night was one such occurance, I was driving when I felt like just driving into a tree or a pole, whatever was bigger, whatever would kill me. Instead I got home and angry at myself for not being able to follow through I 'punished' myself I guess you would call it. I have burnt myself several times before.

Im really scared and dont know what to do,


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You picked the right idea by talking to people about it. Welcome to the forum.
When you look at life, what do you see as purpose? Do you wish to settle down one day maybe or get a certain type of job. You need to think about aims I reckon. Something to look forward to, or hope for.
You do sound like you could be depressed. Have you ever been to the doctors for anything like this or have you ever thought of going. Has anything ever stopepd you from going if you havent?
And is there any specific events you can think of that may have triggered any unhappiness in you, whether it be something that happened to you or to someone else that plays on your mind?
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I dont see any purpose, there is nothing I want really or hope for or aim for, except to be alone.

I've never been to the doctor, have been to a few counsellors from time to time, but they never seem to have much of an effect.

I don't know really about unhappy events, 2006 wasnt the greatest year for me, a lot of deaths around me. I'm just really unhappy with my life.

thankyou for replying though

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