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13 and a half

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When I was 13 and a half i try to kill myself by <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods>. If it wasn't for my best friend I wouldn't be here today she swim over to where I was in the water and seen I was knocked out and yelled for helped. I didn't think I would survive it at all when I woke up in the hospital. I seen my best friend right by me waiting for me to wake up so we could talk she asked me why I jumped towards those rock and I told her the whole truth about what I been feeling and how I kept on thinking about ending my life. She told me I was crazy and that I needed helped I and if I needed anyone to talk to I can talk to her. Now I am almost 17 and my family made me move away from my best friend. Saying she was a bad seed when they know she is the only thing that kept me alive. I will admit that she does drink but that it I am the bad seed not her I got her to drink not the other way around. She would go to party with me so she can watch me and make sure I got home safe and never drink if she knew I needed a ride home. She was like my mom in someways and I miss her alot I feel like I should run away and go back to my best friend. But I don't know what to do anymore.
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So sorry you had to go through that and at such a young age too.. and now you've had to move away from your friend too. I hope you're able to stay in contact via phone/internet and maybe visit your friend? Have you made any new friends where you've moved to?

Jenny x


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It's a hard age if you are dependent on parents to provide for you :(
I can only suggest that you do everything to keep in touch with your friend...email, chat, skype, letters...everything. It can work and soon you will be more independent and be able to carry on that friendship on your own terms. Friends that are genuine and truly care are rare and you deserve that for sure :)
the reason i tried was because i lost my dad a few weeks before and he was my everything to me he taught me everything i know today. I love him so much I told him the day before he died that i was going to follow him as soon as i got the chance so i wouldnt have to live with my mom. Now i live with my aunt and im about to move back down there. thank you all i just feel every now and again im not going to make it and when i feel like that i put music on or something


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Your dad meant a lot to you - your all that is left of him now - well you are your own person but he bought you into the world and helped raise you and teach you values which toy have not forgotten.

In this world your all that is left of him.

No way would he ever want you to die - to follow him! I know what its like to feel that way - but you know its wrong. Life changes so much when you grow older. For many kids unhappy now - the happiness comes later - you got to hang on in and like you say music - that is a great thing to have. That helps emotions - helps you connect with them - makes you feel good with the right music and its OK to listen to sad songs sometimes - because we all have thing which make us sad.

But mostly - music generally raises the spirits if the playlist is right!

how i your aunt then? Do you get along with her OK and do you still talk to your mum? I hope so mate!

How is school these days? You learning stuff there? Sounds boring but education counts and its worth getting into it! - I mean - try to actually study!

I know its tough - but your dad would have said the same - I'm 47 - so know the mindset of dads! or the god ones!

Anyhow - glad to see you back and your still with us! Was wondering were you got to so thanks for the update and glad to see your well as can be right now!

Cheers sierracoop - thanks for opening up to us here - takes courage no matter what anyone says. And if anyone says otherwise - **** then really - they are just imbeciles who are - I don't know - maybe just one strand of DNA less or something - we just got depression - not stupidity thank God!!

Your young - you got a head start on me as I never knew what depression was or would never have dreamt of saying anything. When I was young I mean! I just thought every man was suicidal and just lied. So i lied - or just never got asked really - and when its raised - lie!

But opening up is the way to go- keeping it to yourself will kill you. That is how it is.

Later bro.

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