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Where to start...

Have you ever had the feeling that everything was ok and that you finally though you made it? I was thankful that I felt that way and happy to finally begin leading a normal life again - but for some reason my mom didn't want it to be. In short, we had a fight...didn't talk for almost a week, then when we did talk, she talked like nothing had ever happened. Its just pathetic that someone can show such hate then continue on like it wasn't a big deal.

So that happened and I found myself self-harming again. Woohoo... Not to mention I don't think I have friends anymore - I just realized that they are immature little pricks and I hate them all. I'm also finally realizing that my damn shrink really doesn't give a shit about me at all. We just sit in his office for an hour every week staring blankly at the wall. He asks a vague question and I give him a nod or simple reply. Its not helping, he's just stealing the insurance company's money.

I pretty much just don't have the will to live anymore, either I continue in this state as a parasitic bum that saps the life out of everything around him, or I muster up the strength to close the curtains.
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