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Sa Palomera

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please don't delete this, I'm writing this very slowly and thoughtful for as far as it is possible.

I feel like screaming eveyrthin I screamed in all the posts that got deleted (and I guess you were right, it was too much and out of order).

I've just got soo much anger in me, and bitterness and sadness, about the situation with my Father... so I drink to make it go away for a bit, but it doesnt help so I take a hashcookie, but then that doesnt work so I take more AND drinks, more and more
but then I screw everything up even more
but I wont stop.

i'm really reallky really angry and sad and hurt
cant even imagine how much. icant even fucking describe the damn pain :cry:
Not too private, i dont care about anyone seeing what i had to say. In fact i think Ester should of seen it. But whatever i dont mind, was your choice.


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as she also deleted this post, you won't know that i'm going to be alive at least another day. still not that that was important information or anything.


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You know drink and hashcookies don't help. In fact, they make things worse. Help yourself, and stop consuming them. Anger eats a person up inside, but in time, we all learn to acknowledge the hurt, and let it pass.
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