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:cry: :cry:

i cant do tanything right anymroe. it's the damn cookies and booze, but they help they do, they do. just make me very horny and angry over stuff that's happened.


this is the onlky place wehr aI can be myself :sad: and I screwed tha up too now. see i'm great. grand.


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Hey. Don't bite my head off, okay :tongue:.

You haven't screwed it all up hon'. Tomorrow you won't be banned anymore. See this as a fresh start, and be more careful with your language next time around.

I'm still here for you :smile:.

:hug: x


im a pain in the fucking ass
and I have to keep doing the booze and cookies, because , well because
and I cant control myself when I'm on the combination
and I've lost it these days
I've lost myself, thank the motherfucking dickhead for that.

can someone please shoot him for me? Please?


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You are not banned from the forum anymore. You can log in as usual, but you are now under moderation. This means you cannot enter chat, but you are still able to post on the forum (your posts will need to be approved before they are visible).

I hear that you're in a lot of pain right now and I'm sorry for that. You may feel that drugs and alcohol help you but i hope you can see that while you're so out of control, we cannot allow you to come off moderation. Your recent behaviour has been triggering to members and furthermore, you have blatently ignored several occasions when staff have asked you to calm down.

I hope you will get some help for what you're going through.. and maybe the job on Tuesday will help keep you busy. You're still welcome to post for help and support if you want to, but you will remain under moderation until you can adhere to SF rules & guidelines again.

I am sorry you've been thru this lately. I hope you can cut back on your substance abuse and learn and use other ways of coping.. If you'd ever like to talk, you know where I am. :hug:
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