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I hate making the choices I make. Somehow it leads to me KNOWING about things I don't want to. Today, I realized the whole concept of "What They Don't Know Won't Kill Them." And when it did happen, it wasn't me thinking the world is over. It was me thinking I had to beat myself up for it. I've pleaded for people to punch me, I wanted to get into a fight. My rage for myself was so well, strong that I wanted to give up on EVERYTHING all together.

The story is...
I quickly sat next to this girl that I had liked. She was sitting with some guys and another guy passed by, commenting on what she had said. Apparently, the guy was an ass... and she happened to have "went out" with him. Which crushed my hopes. I KNOW I'm a nice person... but it seems like there's no hope for me anymore. After that, I left and just wanted to be gone forever. I'd still talk to her because she's my friend... but the problem is I'm most likely going to view her in a whole another way than I did before. :sad:

Is she really worth all this time and anger towards myself? :confused: I wish I knew...
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