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  1. im only 14 but ready too do it. im not sure whats wrong or why i want to do it. im angry and sad and just done. i wish i could experience more life but their is <Mod edit:Irishdoll,methods> sitting in my cupboard right now. i could prolly down the bottle in like a min. its only 5:35 am so parents are not awake for another hour. be enough time to do some damage. got a school report do at like 11:30 that i haven't even started. test today that I haven't studied for and i just cant do it all. suffered from enough stress from school and life. i have no social life at all and barely any true friends. i just sit in my room and play video games all day. im such a failure. i use to get straight As without even trying but now im working harder than ever and can barely manage a C. i dont know. i just want it to be over.
  2. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    please dont i know how it feels, ive been thinking the same kinda thing since i was in 4th grade im 20 now ive made it so far and theres no reason you cant either

    there is no reason to feel this way, and from experience, i say trry to get help now, tell your parents its not easy and im aware of that, but its better than them finding out another way

    i od'd this past summer while i was at school working, and the school called my parents they got to see me in the er hooked up to machines they knew what happened, the school told them, and im sure they will never forgive themselves for not doing something before

    please keep talking on here, and keep fighting and everyone on here will help you figure something out
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Please keep talking, tell someone how you feel ... whether it's a parent, doctor, counselor ... someone who can help you.
  4. i dotn know what to do. just took like 50 pills of melatonin. i am aregretting it now. not sure what to do
  5. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    go to the hospital please
  6. i dont want to die anymore. will this melatonin put me too sleep first?
  7. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    The human body produces about 0.1mg of melatonin daily. An overdose simply means that you have ingested over 20-50 mg. The basic dosage that most melatonin supplements contain is between 3-5 mg per tablet. The results you get might differ from your next door neighbor due to diverse medical reasons. Symptoms could include the following;

    Liver Issues
    Eye Issues
    Speech Impediment and
    Psychotic Thought Patterns
    If you suspect you or someone else has overdosed on melatonin you need to seek medical attention immediately. The symptoms will have to be treated.

    Overdose may also lower your blood pressure beyond normal. Patients with high blood pressure, liver or nerve disorders should be pre-screened before being offer melatonin.
  8. i dont know whta anymore. i panicked and tried to vomit up the pills a min ago but after unsuccessful try im now apathetic. if i die then so be it. if not then whatever
  9. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    please, go to the hospital call your doctor do something, you need to make sure youll be ok
  10. but im too scared too tell anyone. got school in like 30 mins. ill just wait until i pass out. if i die then so be it
  11. Forgotten_Man

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    Let me say when I was 14 I had the same problem. Only instead of feeling down about my lack of a social life, I got angry. I was not so weak that I needed a social life. I could keep myslef happy. I don't ever think I was.

    Just thought I would share my experience. As for what you an do... let me say that at 14 life changes so rapidly it is hard to believe at times. Just see what happens. Another thing I did in schools was after school activities. Join a club, go To the club religiously. You will find it takes your mind off of things.
  12. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    i know its scary trust me ive been there, ive od'd and kept it to myself, and no matter what happens its better to tell someone, if your afraid to tell your parents is there someone else you know and trust who can go to the hospital with you?
  13. it might not be too bad. ill be able to join God in eternal glory. cant wait for that day. it will be amazing
  14. like who? im only 14. not like i can ask my friend too drive me there
  15. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    i duno an aunt an uncle? maybe a friends parent? do you have siblings? an friends older sibling?

    i know i cant speak for your situation, but im sure your parents would be happier if you told them and got help then if you did nothing and left them, you will join God one day, but its not time yet, God will take you when its time, he will take you by his own hand, not by yours

    please just try to get help this one time, see if it can help try it and put an effort in, then if it doesnt work, we can come up with somehting else, God gave you a life, he wants you to live it to its fullest
  16. its fine. its going to be done soon. ill just lie back down in bed and fall asleep peacefully. then wakeup in front of God and his pearly white gates. perfect eternity sounds good.
  17. but god has already planned out my life and he knows when i'm going to die. maybe his plan for my life was for it too end like this. maybe he had planned this for me. we will never know.
  18. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    well, remember, taking your own life is not looked upon in a good way by God, please please try something something just anything you already said you didnt want to die yet and you were scared, your family, friends and everyone here is here to help you when your scared

    your family and friends are there to help you when your scared, when your unsure of what to do, thats what theyre there for, and im sure they want to help, just try
  19. i can understand u saying its looked down upon by god by i dont see it that way. of course this is murder and murder is a sin but maybe God planned for me life to end by commitng this final sin. You never know. i just hope to reach him in the pearly gates.
  20. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    please, think about this, if youve said you dont want to and your scared, then maybe it isnt time, you need to think about it fully before you consider making a decision like this, and right now youve contradicted yourself more than once, so please dont right now go get help, talk to someone you need to think about everything all the consequences...you need to think about your parents, how will they react if you leave them now? what if they see it as their fault? its not fair to them so tell them how your feeling and let them help, thats why you have parents to help you throu your life, your 14, you are still supposed to be having your parents help you with everything im 20 and i still need my parents, my moms 54 and she still needs her mom, my dad still needs his parents, so please please try talking to thme i know its scary but they love you and they will want to help you
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