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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Always Alone, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Always Alone

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    I just got a knife, made my first deep cut for 14 days. That means I went 14 days without cutting deep. I don't know If it's exactly an achievement, after all it was kinda forced on me, as I had no knifes, and as soon as I got a decent knife I cut straight away, but it still feel like something.

    Kinda pissed though, as soon as I had a knife I went for it, I couldn't even hold off one day, I'm a failure. As good as it felt at the time I hate myself for it now. I'm addicted I know that, and for all the feeling of control I get out of it, I know its all false; having an addiction is not being in control. Arrg why do I never feel this way before I cut :mad:
  2. netean

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    14 days IS something.. it means you can survive for 2 weeks and your world doesn't end..(did you ever think you'd be able to go 2 weeks without cutting?)
  3. Hey. Well 14 days is GREAT. You should be proud of yourself, dont get mad at yourself because you slipped, 14 days is something that is a wonderful achivment, and be proud about that. Just know that when you do slip that you have to start over and try your hardest again. So try and stop, and go even longet than 14 days. Take Care.

    ♥ Jenn ♥
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