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    14 years and 1 day ago, I was on the phone with my grandpa who had told my family he was too tired and it was too cold to go on a camping trip I had gotten restricted from going on. They were going to leave me behind with a neighbor because I failed math. He made up not feeling well so that we would reschedule it for when I could go. I told him I loved him and we laughed at our little plan and how it had worked.

    14 years ago today, at this hour. I was on a plane to see his dead body. Every other year I miss the anniversary. On the 23rd I freak out and am like, OMG, he has been gone this n this many years. But this year is different. Up until now I had him for over half my life but as of today he's been gone longer then half of it.

    I miss his face, his silver hair, his deep laugh and the person my dad was before he lost HIS father.

    I hope that someone loves me so much someday that when I die, they feel the pain so long after. I'm glad I'm able to feel this way.

    I'm alive.
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    awww babe everyone has to die one day and to tell you the truth im scared when that day comes but. im sure he's watching down on you. :)

  3. itmahanh

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    I'd never thought of it that way before......"I'm glad I'm able to feel this way. I'm alive." Grief is always looked upon as a bad thing in a sense. It is directly related to the hurt you feel over losing someone you love. I'm the type of person that tries so hard to see a silver lining in everything that happens and that just made the silver lining on missing those I love. I'm able to grieve and miss them and carry their being in my heart cuz I'm alive. Probably took your sentence way out of context but that is how I felt when I read it. So thank you for sharing that. And that you still miss and hurt for your grandpa so many years later is proof to what a great man he was. To what an impact he had in your life. You are lucky to have had such a wonderful person in your life hun. Treasure the memories.
  4. Stranger1

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    Your grandfather will always be with you for as long as you hold him in your heart..Do you ever visit his grave site?? It would give you more of a connection to him and allow you to have a chat with him..Best Wishes...
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    itmahanh, no that was exactly what I meant. Kind of become my mantra. I feel it because I'm alive :)

    Stranger1, yeah I visit him as often as I can. He is buried a state away. Sounds creepy but when I was in college (i lived in that town) I used to go chill at his grave and read or just tell him all the crap with the family or school. Never in a creepy or morbid way, just going for a talk. One time I fell asleep there for a little while and a couple times the sprinklers turned on on me. I know he isn't there but I think maybe he tunes in when I am.