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i hate being so afraid to just end it.... all i would have to do is pull the trigger and no more pain..... my life gets worse and worse and lets see worse! I want to fucking die and right now its looking so good.... no one would care if i died and they wouldn't notice that i died for at least 2-3 days.... im so pathetic i should just end it now and stop complaining all the time and saying im going to try then fucking give up....
Fuck trying to hold on for a "little" longer
"Things will get better" Fuck that no it wont it will never get better!
Nothing can help me anymore im a lost cause and hopefully no one will notice im gone.....
I know how hard it is to keep going when it feels as though things are only getting worse...but there are lots of people here at SF who care, so hang in there! We're here anytime you need to talk.
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