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I think im gonna have to take a year off. Its too much. I cant even begin, i dont know where to begin. Im in my first year of college and the last exams are in the next two and a half weeks. I cant. And it hurts so much, physics means the world to me. I would give everything to have the strength and concentration to study. I would, i promise i would. I think im gonna have to take a year off and it kills me inside. Im crying right now i cant even.. I cant imagine a life where im not studying physics and i dont want to. It feels like its being taken away from me and at the same time like its my fault. Im noone without my education and i would despise myself if i quit on my ‘dream’ to get a PhD.. Every day that isnt packed with a full schedule and i wake up thinking how i have nothing to do that day, in the next two hours suicidal thoughts creep up on me so i just go to bed and try to sleep - rinse and repeat. If you stop moving, you die. Sharks do. I really want to be but im not perfect, right now im not even adequate. Im ashamed of myself for even thinking about quitting and i hate the position im in. I feel so helpless. I know my friends would tell me im not quitting, im just taking a break, but my time is running out already and my life is slipping away from me second by second and im unable to move. Im just so so tired.
Sorry that this is happening.
last exams are in the next two and a half weeks
I think most schools have a provision for a "medical incomplete". That is, you may be able to take the exams at a later time for a medical reason, and certainly if you're feeling suicidal or depressed, that's a legitimate reason.
physics means the world to me
I feel like your passion for physics can carry you through this, as long as you don't get caught up in the despair of thinking that you'll have to give up your dream. It's important to know and respect your own limitations, but as long as you don't push yourself harder than you should, I think you'll be able to realize your dream.


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It's okay if you want to take break. No need to be hurry if you are not feeling well. Better take test for sometime and come back later. In my country, the normal duration for completing graduation is 3 years but for me it took me 6 years to complete my graduation. But somehow I completed even though lately and I got a job in bank as a clerk.


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I also experienced an extreme amount of distress my first semester of studying Electrical Engineering. I eventually by the grace of God was able to push through however. I'm not telling you it wasn't suffering, but it was possible. So don't give up on your dream . It might take a lot out of you but you can make it. Also taking a break is completely reasonable, especially when you are studying a tough subject like physics!

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