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  1. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Apparently to get in touch with my local crisis team, I have to go through my GP or local hospital...

    ...Both of which have told me that they can't help me.

    I can't help me, my friends can't help me, and now the medical profession are basically washing their hands of me.

    This really is the end.
  2. hopeless

    hopeless Well-Known Member

    i don't know where you are, but where i'm at, we just call 911. that's our emergency number. then the police and ambulance and fire department have no choice but to come to the place where you are at. maybe if you call your emergency number for where you are you can get some help.

    if you are feeling that bad then they cannot just leave you like that. they have to help you or risk legal action (at least that's how it works here).

    take good care.

    please reach out and let the hospital or your GP know how serious your feelings are.
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  3. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Right, thankfully I know you are alive because you sent me a text this morning (which I have now replied to - sorry that I was asleep when you sent it and sorry that I only just saw this thread :sad:).

    If you are feeling that on edge just go to A&E, and tell them that you are going to kill yourself if they send you away. Not like a threat, just like telling them how it is. They are legally obliged to take you in, arrange for you to see a psychiatrist and be assessed. It's a shame that we have to go to such levels but that is how you really get help honey.

    Let me know how you are, asap.

    :hug: :hug: :hug:

    ~Nobody~ x x x
  4. emma-louise

    emma-louise Guest

    :hug: :hug:

    You know im here <3
  5. smackh2o

    smackh2o SF Supporter

    I'm sorry they turned you away like that sammie. After I said they shouldnt do. But you need to voice youre total despair to them. Make them realise you will and do things that cause your life to be at risk. Kick them into touch. You were massively brave to go into hospital and i'm very proud of you. Keep at it. No one ever got better by thinking everything was going to work out. Its going to be the hardest experience of your life and its going to make you strong ok? I'm sorry about my phone habits. I've been freaking out a lot. I couldnt understand your last voicemail sorry :(
    Just stay stable for now and when it hits you ring them again and scream blue bloody murder at them to help you ok?
    I won't be able to talk on the phone to anyone for a bit yet. I can't deal with voices when i'm stressed sorry :( its just the way I am. Be safe and stay positive and talk to all of your friends.
  6. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    I live in the uk and am in the south, when i attempted to take my life i was given the number for the crisis team who i then saw, i think you will find most areas have a crisis line and perhaps you could find it on the net if you call them and tell them how u r feeling they have to visit i had 10days of visits from the crisis team and saw a psyc plus meds reviewed before being discharged back to my gp.

    Dont give up good luck ill see in i can find out anything as i work in health
  7. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Definitely don't give up sammie. I know things work differently in the UK than the US, so I can't begin to advise you on what to do in your country. Know that I and many others are here to support you as much as we can. Keep the lines of communication open. Talk as much as you need to. :hug:
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