19 Year Old Student Deported

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  1. Twocky61

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    19 year old student Yashika Bageerathi was deported from the UK to Mauritius 9pm last night

    Despite the fact her family are living in the UK and she is months away from her A-Levels at the school she attended in the uk

    So why was she deported when other illegal immigrants (such as terrorists) are not?

    Probably because the terrorists know the legal system inside out and know their Article 8 human rights, so are able to abuse the system, tying their case up for months, if not years on end
  2. meaningless-vessel

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    Think it's about time people who are illegally in countries are read the riot act and basically told to get out.

    There's uproar about it - but if she's not here legally - what rights does she truly have? And if the background reports are right - she was here for a year or more before claiming asylum.... 5 judicial hearings have led to the same outcome. I don't want to seem racist in any way - but be truthful and there's a better chance of staying. Lies get found out and this happens...
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