19 years old, never dated. Am I really freakish?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by HannahLuv, Feb 24, 2013.

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    I didn't use to dwell on it much, but lately a lot of people have been pointing out how much of a weirdo I am for never having dated/had sex/ etc.

    The entirety of my experience consists of getting really drunk and making out with some guy whose name I don't remember.

    I live in a small town, where many girls my age are pregnant and/or married by now, and people at work like to make jokes about my sexuality or that there must be something wrong with me because I haven't had a boyfriend yet. I didn't think about guys much in high school, I was worried about grades and college and such, then my senior year this guy I was talking to pointed out how weird it was and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for nearly 3 years now.
    I dropped out of college and living and working in my hometown now, and I'm afraid I'll never meet a guy who isn't on meth XXX Now the few guys who are interested in me get weirded out and run when they find out I've never had sex.
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    I wish people fixed their lives instead of examining others..if this is a problem to you, then it is a problem, if not, then have them improve themselves instead of judging you...people develop at different rates...if being intimate and sharing is something you have issues with, then this can be worked on...if this is you choice, it is only your business
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    No, you aren't a freak at all...I haven't had a boyfriend either, and I'm older than you. If guys or friends or other people judge you, then they aren't worth your time. You'll find the right guy, one who won't make you feel bad about yourself. Even if you haven't found anyone, you don't need to be in a hurry...it will happen when you least expect it.
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    Don't even listen to what anyone else says. My oldest boy is 30 and he is like you in the ways you describe. Regardless, he is a caring and honest, hard working young man. He worked his way up into management where he works, and he's a good looking guy with some fun interests and hobbies - plus he's a talented photographer. He would like to find a girlfriend, but it just hasn't happened for him. That doesn't change who he is though. He does not drink, smoke, or do drugs, and he has never been in any trouble. He makes a GREAT living (paid well, though he does work way too many hours). He is not a freak or a weirdo, so you are not either. Some people these days seem way too overly indulged in sex - you don't have to live by their rules. Be proud at 19 that you are who you are.
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    nope I don't think that it's weird, and if you're not bothered by it then it shouldn't be a problem
    try not to give much thought to what other people are saying about it, if your not ready for relationships or haven't found anyone special you want to have a relationship with than that is fine
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    I'm older than you and never had a girlfriend, probably never will, because i'm such a failure and negative and needy when i like someone. I won't even try anymore because i seem to become a burden to people everyday.
    I hope you get to have a someone, because to be alone, it's the worse thing.
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    Thanks for all the advice, it helps to know I'm not the only one :)
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    You're def not the only one, Hannah. I don't really have all the statestics of it, but I think there are quite a lot of 19 years olds who hasn't had a boyfriend yet.
    Be proud of who you are.