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    Yesterday, I spend hours and hours just walking back and forth from the door to the window in my room while listening to All Along the Watchtower. I was daydreaming I guess, about how good things could've been and all as always. I feel like every part of my life is so wasted. Like I should have done everything differently so I won't be in the predicament I am in today.

    I know I always think of things like that but I can't help but wonder if only things were so much better. Gosh…why am I like this..? Why can’t I just stop fooling myself and start thinking about my future and stuff..? Why..? Why..? Why..? Why..????!!!! I know life is unfair but knowing it isn’t the same as accepting it!!!!!! Is this what I have to go through dammit..??!!!

    Or maybe it don’t matter at all to you if I die huh..???!!!! You never give a shit after all..??!! Yeah, so screw you asshole!!! Sorry sorry…I don’t mean to say screw you..I mean to say FUCK YOU!!!!!!!