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would you like to go back to 1973? i've asked 8 friends and 5 said yes even though 5 werent born in 1973

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Why that year in particular?

And, no, I wouldn't. I was a shy, fat and clumsy nine year old. I was actually never really picked on, since I was also a big shy, fat and clumsy nine year old, but I was usually quite lonely. I think that was also about the time I had my first suicidal thoughts.
I was 9 and 10 in 1973. If I could go back and change the events of the following year, then yes i would go back. If things couldn't be rewritten, no.

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I was 2 years old and although I do not know if I was happy, I am sure it would be better than now.

When I was younger the simplest things would do.

And Life On Mars is pretty cool!

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when you go back you stay the same age etc as you are now, its just the differnce in the ways of life that have changed.
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