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1st day of school was fun... NOT

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This really sucks! it was my 1st day of school today, and with in the 1st 1/2 hour of being there i was called to my house co-ordiatiors office, only to be told that i wasnt allowed out of class AT all and definetly not by my self... and if i do REALLY need to get out of class, they will get a house co-ordinatorto escort me to where ever i need to go!!!
so then i was in a bad mood. Assembly, was fine.. i just sat there in my own little world. As soon as i stood up to leave with everyone else i was informed that i had to go to the SC's office coz the SC wanted to see me!!! i mean comeon, its my 1st day at school, at least give me a week. So i went, but very reluctantly.

The reason i didnt want to go to the SC's office was coz my mum or psychologist... not sure what one yet, has set conditions about me seeing the SC. The SC is not allowed to talk to me about : Depression, SH, Suicide or family issues. I dont have any other problems... except my eating habbits, but that is linked to the other stuff!! I think that these rules are complete BULL SHIT!!!
I was quite happy to go back to school coz i had found a positive; having the SC there for support with all the stuff that i am going through... but now i am alone again! with no one to talk to. I need some one to talk to, and i cant talk to my psychologist coz... i dont find them as 'welcoming' or nice. They dont seem to be intrested in what i am saying (and i dont blame them coz i would get bored with me 2)
The SC said that she had never heard of a parent putting restricitions up like that.
and that mum has told the SC to tell her everything i say in there!!!!!
The SC shouldnt tell your mum what you say in there - its a breach of privacy. And if its the psychologist that did that they shouldnt have.. I mean health professionals are meant to work TOGETHER arent they? Thats what I've been told anyhow... :unsure:

I know its hard... but try to keep your chin up.. and I hope that you feel maybe just a little bit better at least about the whole situation when you get to read this. :hug:

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