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2 days to go : chapter 6

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Chapter 6 : near the end, very near, just a bit more

I never knew there could be this kind of pain that despair brings, it cuts so deeply that leave scars impossible to heal.When there is depression, we feel puzzled, bloodied, wounded and no longer vibrant, we try to go forward handicapped, missing something essential ...the spark ...that will never be replace and we will always long for

The world has moved on without me, I realized this because I cannot longer find my place in the world.

Just 2 more days I will be set free ....will you let her know I am no longer amomg you?


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What makes you think you will be set free? How do you know that the what comes next is not the same or worse as it is here?

Have you tried to get some help? Spoken to your doctor?

Sorry, this is chapter 6 and I have avoided coming here, so missed the other chapters. I apologise if you have already asnwered those questions.

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Hi again Dark_chocolate, Just because you
cannot longer find my place in the world.
does not mean you can't ever again... only if you decide not to look for your place does it mean that you won't find it.
How about you put your efforts into finding your place again, yes things will be different but different doesn't automatically = worse.

Take care Hazel x
Enrique, you can find a place to be in this world. Just because things did not work out, does mean there can be no future. Please step back and try to see things from an outside point of view. This whole situation can be seen differently if you will allow yourself to do it. You have the power to change things. No one else can do it for you. You must gain the strength to continue on and make things change. You can do it. I have faith in you.
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