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    Wrote this one in '04. Can't remember what it really meant anymore :(
    Strange Dreams

    And in death strange dreams may come
    The fantasy of all that could be seems possible
    Where the truth of your own existence is laid bare
    And the light that torches your darkest places stings
    The life you lead is not the life you leave behind
    And all you have ever been is whisked away on strange dreams

    I can't really think of a title for this. Written from the perspective of kids at school that have left their mark on me. (ya, I like the rhyming thing)

    There in the corner sits a boy dressed in black
    You can tell by his face that he's ready to crack
    God what I'd give to punch him once more
    It's like he's here as a gift, a present on the floor

    They say he's new here, that he's just moved in
    All the more reason to shove in the pin
    He runs when we see him, he runs 'cause he's scared
    Do you think that mabye it's our fault he's despaired

    He doesn't fight back, he must be a craven
    Dressed as he is, just like a raven
    What no, I won't leave that poor kid alone
    It's much to much fun to hear how he moans

    I've heard the kids missing, they say that he's gone
    He must be afraid, he must be our pawn
    We can move him one way, but it's not for attack
    We'll move him our way, keep pushing him back

    We can laugh at him now, we know he won't strike
    It's proven this good, he's easy to fright
    They say the kid's missing, he'll be back for more
    Too scared to say no, too scared to implore

    That thing dressed in black, coming down through the hall
    I wonder why it's here, why it's breathing at all
    It's not like it matters, it doesn't have feelings
    The thing's never changed, it can't even reason

    Let's chase it some more and make it cry foul
    The thing can't even do that, just knows how to howl
    It doesn't give back, it just takes all we do
    What a disgusting, wretched thing that is you

    We've had our fun with that thing, but it's time to move on
    Time to live our own lives while that thing stays with mom
    We'll remember that thing, all dressed up in black
    How it never cried out, how it never attacked

    Several years have gone by and we're all pushing tin
    All our lives are successful, all our ships have come in
    We've wondered what happend to that thing back in school
    All covered in black and behaved like a mule

    We tracked him down proper, we found out his place
    It's here in the ground, in a hole dug with grace
    We laid down some flowers, said a speech for his pain
    If only we could remember, that poor bastards name

    But you'll never remember
    Never know why
    I did this for me
    I did this to die
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    Great poems, I loved them, you have a great talent:smile:
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