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2 sides to everything

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I am here you are there do you know me do you know them how is it we always listin to one person and not the other never knowing the whole truth. You are the victim and the other is the bad guy but do we know that for sure maybe some people who are portrayed as the bad guy are just to caring in their ways to create conflict or to start a war so why do people always side with just one person and not even caring if they hurt the other by name calling or just ignoring the other when we side with just one person are we not being truthfull ourselves or even helping either person with a kind word or helping them to help themselves.

You are right bedtime bear. In problematic situations between two or more people there is always more than one side to the story. We should take the time to consider all angles of the situation at hand and not form opinions until we have heard every side. i am not sure opinions even need to be formed. Many times we jump on the bandwagon of the person speaking first. Sometimes the person on the other side refrains from saying anything as they do not want to cause ill feelings toward anyone. We should be willing to listen, but it is not possible if one of the sides does not speak up and be heard. I would like to hope that we can be supportive of all individuals involved. Each is someone that is hurting and should be respected and acknowledged for the way they are feeling. Support is not a one way street. It should be available to all in need.
Thankyou Gentlelady you have summed it up so nicly I think I was having a hard time trying to get my point across but you put it perfectly

Thankyou for listening to me and whom ever else out there will or would need it.
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