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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by the masked depressant, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member

    a 2 way conversation

    quite often it just gets to me
    the changes in my mood

    1 minit i'm so happy

    the next i am so blue

    it takes a lot of courage

    to let anyone see

    what's really going on inside

    what is up with me

    this 2 way conversation

    that i will write for you

    is the cross between the happyness

    and feeling o so blue

    i could be at the local shop

    buying something nice

    then someone tells me i should stop

    who gave me that advice?

    i look around as if the person

    was standing next to me

    but realise that there's no one there

    just who could it be?

    i say out loud that i can't leave

    i need to leave prepared

    but someone else responds to me

    and i start to feel so scared

    the thoughts are there

    they will not go

    i need to get outside

    thoughts of harm, and thoughts of pain,

    thoughts of suicide

    i tell myself that it's okay

    don't you drift away

    but the thoughts are there, they will not go,

    and it's ruining my day
    i drift away to someplace distant

    somewhere i don't know

    everyone they look at me

    they think it's time to go

    i'm lost with out a trace

    i'm talking to myself

    people think that i'm

    endangering there health

    but no i am just sitting there

    in obvious agrivation

    far away and lost in my

    my 2 way conversation

    we talk about the day so far

    we talk about the week

    we talk about how scared i am

    how scared i am to speak

    i'm trapped inside this prison
    i'm locked behind closed doors

    my life it has become, total devistation

    it's 1 of many subjects

    in our 2 way conversation

    we talk as if we're brothers

    or long lost special friends

    i talk about my suffering

    and how i want it all to end

    my life of constant suffering

    my life of brokenness

    everything it fails me

    nothing's a success!

    they speak to me of things to do

    things that don't make sense

    but i can't stop myself from doing them

    it's lack of confidence

    although i tell myself it's wrong

    and bad will come of it

    the other people just won't leave me alone

    not even just a bit

    so i end up doing stuff

    although i know i shouldn't

    but ignore my only contact?

    no, i simply couldn't

    sometimes it lasts hours,

    sometimes not that long

    the people in this distant world

    they are winning, they are strong

    but all too soon it's over

    and i am left alone

    gradually coming round again

    making my way home

    sometimes i don't know what to do

    on days of bad depression

    do i stand to be ignored

    no room for my confession?

    or do i wait until the time

    i feel the agrivation

    and know it's time that i must have

    my 2 way conversation?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I too have a lot of 2 way cnversations well written
  3. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member


    right now, i'm working on my new one " the awakening".

    i'll post when it's done
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