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2018's Resolutions!

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Today is 2018's first day. It marks a new beginning for me and a fresh new start, because I've literally nothing going on in my life that's bothering me, except feeling a little depressed. I've vowed for this new year, to get triggered by anything minor in life, like spotting (inter-menstrual bleeding for females), and other health issues. To face every day life with courage, hope and will to go on no matter what's currently happening to me. To not care so much about the bad things in life and to think in those darker times : "It'll pass", "It'll heal". I'm doing positive thinking therapy to help me overcome my suicidal depression. It helps a great deal. Loving my therapist and her approaches. They stimulate in me my will to live, hope and she touches subjects such as : "How to find your inner peace".


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Good luck with your goals @Naiwen :)

I'm going to keep mine simple, I'd like to actually learn to play something on the guitar that's been gathering dust for at least 10 years!
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